Gift Baskets To Send To Military APO’s and FPO’s

Boredom Buster military care package. I’ve shared some tips for sending military care packages before.

Tis the season! It’s time to start thinking of what you’ll be sending your friends & loved ones again this year.

Here are even more fun ideas…


Great Combo Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best gift is also the easiest gift to send to someone far away (…like a gift basket).

For what it’s worth, I always prefer to give “combo” gifts, rather than giving someone just one item. And gift baskets are great for that!

The following military gift baskets really take the cake because they’re combo gifts, they’re filled with the best items, and they’re the quickest & easiest gift to send!

Best Care Packages For U.S. Military Members

These are the best because:

  • They’re prepackaged to include “the best of the best” items.
  • These care packages were created with U.S. military in mind.
  • The recipient receive a bunch of individual items, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • They’re available in a variety of different “themes”.
  • FPO extra shipping has already been added into the price of these items. APO is also available — simply choose “APO” or “FPO”.


What is APO? What is FPO? (This is a layperson’s guide to overseas military mail.)

Gift Baskets By Theme

Treats For Troopers Care Package
treats-for-troopers-care-package.jpg Smiley Face Stress Ball, Oreo Cookies, Cheez-Its (2 packages), Snyders Pretzels 2 packages), Animal Cookies, Brent & Sams chocolate chip cookies, Planters asst. deluxe nuts, Starburst, Skittles, Jelly Belly asst Jelly Beans, Gardettos snack mix, Peanut M&M’s, Plain M&M’s, Kraft gift box.

Hang In There Care Package
hang-in-there-care-package.jpg Hang in there Plush monkey, Green Tea, Sunkist Fruit Gels, Get Well Gummi Aides, Fig Newton cookies, Healthy Traditions Granola Bars, Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers, Word Search puzzle book, White Gloss gift box, bright green tissue paper.

Boredom Buster Care Package
boredom-buster-care-package.jpg Word Search & Crossword books, deck of cards, Wooden puzzle brain teaser game, Tootsie Rolls, Camouflage Hackie Sack & Bandana, Quaker Oats granola bars, Smiley Face stress ball, Juicy Fruit Gum, Blank note cards w/envelopes, Planters deluxe nuts, Chex Mix, Oreo cookies, Combos cheese/pretzel nuggets, Kraft gift box.

God Can Handle It Care Package
god-can-handle-it-care-package.jpgSmiley Face Stress Ball, Oreo Cookies, Cheez-Its , Snyder’s Pretzels (2 packages), Animal Cookies, Brent & Sams Chocolate Chip Cookies, Planters asst. deluxe nuts, Starburst, Skittles, Jelly Belly asst Jelly Beans, Gardettos snack mix, Peanut M&M’s, God Can Handle it Book, Over 100 pages of uplifting stories, quotations and Bible verses, Kraft gift box.

Deluxe Happy Birthday Care Package
deluxe-happy-birthday-care-package.jpg Happy Birthday Gift Box, Tootsie Rolls Bank filled with Tootsie Rolls, fun birthday candles, Fruit Flavored Candy Bubbles, Silly String, Tootsie Pop Lollipops, assorted Jelly Belly Beans, Skittles, Sweet Tarts, Sour Patch Candies, Pez Candy Dispenser, Nestle Crunch Bar, Rainbow Lollipop, Crunchy Cracker Jacks, Fun Ball, and JuJy Fruits.

Get Well Sooner Care Package
get-well-soon-care-package.jpg Get Well Soon shortbread cookies, Gummi Aide Bandaides, Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup, Rapid Relief hot/cold packs, 2, Ludens cherry sours, Tootsie Rolls, Word Search, Stress Ball (Asst styles), Butter Crackers, Deck of Card, Kraft gift box.

Birthday Celebration Care Package
birthday-celebration-care-package.jpg Singing Birthday Bear 12″, Red Vines Licorice, Silly String, Happy Birthday theme bag with starlite mints, Pez Candy Dispenser, 6 oz Gummi Bears, White Gloss gift box, Birthday Balloons tissue paper.



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