Sign Confusion

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Is it a typo? Or a minor technicality?

Whatever it is… it was clearly overlooked by the store’s owners!

This is what I saw on my lunch break the other day:

Sign confusion at a local clothing store.
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Wife: Honey… what do you think we should name the company?

Husband: Oh, I dunno. What about “Simply Fashion”.

Wife: Well, we have a LOT of different fashions. I think it should be “Simply Fashions”!

Husband: No way. That sounds silly.

Wife: Okay then. We’ll compromise, we’ll order one of each.

Or, maybe it went something like this…

Husband: Honey… what do you think we should name the company?

Wife: I thought we already decided this… it’s going to be called Simply Fashion”.

Husband: Uh oh. I just ordered signs for “Simply Fashions”. That’s okay, right?

Wife: Ummmm… I ordered a sign for “Simply Fashion” last week!

Oh well… We paid for it, so we’re using it. Maybe no one will notice…

This one takes the cake…
To top it all off, it wasn’t until I drove around to the front of the building that I saw this:

One 'Simply Fashion' sign and one 'Simply Fashions' sign on the SAME building!
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…one sign spelled two different ways on the building itself!

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