See ‘Saw’… One Of The Best Scary Movies Ever!

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Saw movie - one of the best horror movies I've seen in awhile.
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On Election night, we went to see the movie “Saw”, and what a TRIP it was!

(We figured word must’ve gotten out that it was a pretty good movie, cuz the theater was fairly full for a Tuesday night — and usually we’re about the only ones in the theater!)

I doubt any of our friends will actually go see this movie though, because we have yet to find anyone who enjoys a good scary movie as much as we do. (Except for maybe Suzie…)

And this one is even worse than most scary movies in that it’s got some pins & needles moments where the victims are actually “tortured” to their death.

But, believe it or not, this movie seems more realistic than not. Probably because it’s simply a mind-game… and you’re always second-guessing:

a) the simplicity of the movie (almost the entire movie takes place in one dirty old bathroom)
b) what it all means & how all these ‘clues’ really add up to anything meaningful
c) whodunit?

Despite being a low-budget flick, this one rates high on our list of faves. In fact, it’s one of the few movies that I actually think I’d be interested in OWNING! I’ll at least rent the DVD — if nothing else, than to be able to see the deleted scenes (it was obvious that there were a few), and to be able to watch it again while trying to pick up the “clues” laid throughout the movie’s storyline.

If you can take it… see “Saw”! At the VERY least, check out the official web site for the movie — it’s freaky and gives you an idea of how the movie plays with your mind. (Just when you think it’s over… it’s not! You’ll know by the way your cursor changes. But don’t click to soon, or you’ll miss something good. And don’t hit the “red x” until you’re ready to quit.)

Here’s our “official” review of the movie, plus other movies we’ve seen recently.


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