Who Knew?… A Genuine Hotdog From The Super Bowl Sold For $1,800 On eBay

Here’s a handful of fun and interesting things I learned from perusing websites this past week.

I bet there are a few things you didn’t know either.


This is so strange
Who knew that a genuine hotdog from the Super Bowl last weekend would actually sell for $1,800 on eBay?! (I guess anything can be considered a souvenir.)


This is so cool
If you’ve got a lot of old CDs lying around, and you want an(other) iPod, you can trade in that old music for a free iPod!


This is so practical
A power strip for all your plug-in electronics that detects when your computer (or other gadget) has been turned off at the base and subsequently cuts off the power to at that particular socket in the power strip. This provides effortless energy savings (…and provides extra protection during a lightning storm).
Thanks to PC World’s Digital World Correspondent, Emru Townsend for this one!


This is so disposable
Say you need to give someone your phone number, but you value your privacy and don’t want your “real” phone number in the hands of strangers. What do you do?… Get a disposable telephone number!

According to Kim Komando, you can get a toll-free number that is forwarded to your private phone. Then, when you no longer want to receive calls, you just disconnect the number. Rates run about 15 cents per minute. Three to choose from:

P.S. I can also see this working for bad dates!


This is so funny
You know how you get tons of junk mail in your mailbox at home? Well, here’s a fun (and legal!) way to get revenge on those snail mail spammers! Some may think it’s a bit much, but so is the amount of junk mail we receive, right?
Thanks to Kerry Woo from WonderDawg for the info!


This is so interesting
Can you guess how long money lasts? (No, not in your wallet… on the streets!) Here are some little-known facts about money:

  • A $1 bill lasts 18 months
  • A $5 bill lasts two years
  • A $10 bill lasts three years
  • A $20 bill lasts four years
  • The $50 and $100 bills last nine years
  • Bills that get worn out from everyday use are taken out of circulation and replaced.