Flash Mind Reader: An Online Psychic Mind Reading Game That Will Keep You Guessing

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This psychic mind reader game will keep you guessing… even after you see how it’s done!

First, Try It Yourself

Think of a 2-digit number.

Add the digits together.

Then subtract the total from your original number.

Focus intently on the unique shape next to the number. (There are dozens of different shapes next to the numbers.)

And waalah!… when you click on the crystal ball, that very shape you were concentrating on magically appears on your computer screen.

See for yourself! Try the Flash Mind Reader here.


Now, For The Spoilers

Okay, so you’ve tried it a dozen times and you still can’t figure it out…

Want the inside scoop on how it’s done?

Here’s the simple explanation:

The Flash Mind Reader Secret Solution

For the brainiacs who are more interested in the complicated process of how it’s done:

Flash Mind Reader: How It Works

And here’s yet another explanation, including why the Flash Mind Reader sometimes gets it wrong:

Psychic Mind Reader Demystified

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