Howard Stern Proves He Really IS The King Of All Media With With His Debut On SIRIUS Satellite Radio

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Howard Stern The self-proclaimed “King of All Media”, Howard Stern, made the move from public radio airwaves (monitored by the FCC) to SIRIUS satellite radio (with no restrictions) yesterday.

So, how’d it go?…

Word is, Stern’s first day on SIRIUS was relatively tame. (Here’s a complete rundown.)

 Listen to NPR audio regarding Howard Stern’s first day on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Get Sirius Satellite Radio with a $30 Rebate! Whatever you think of Howard Stern as a person, as a radio personality, as a millionaire… there’s no denying that he’s managed to come out on top… again! And he seems to be all the talk on the ‘Net… again.

In fact, for years, Howard Stern has ranked #1 on the list of most searched for radio personalities. And as Howard Stern himself said: “Most of the Internet is about me!

10 Important Dates in Howard Stern’s Career

1978: Stern married Alison Berns, they separated in 1999 and divorced in 2001.

1990 – 1992: 69 episodes of “The Howard Stern Show” aired on WWOR.

1993: Stern’s autobiography “Private Partswas published.

Check out these screenshots of Howard Stern on major television shows including the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman.

1994 – 2005: “The Howard Stern Show” ran for a total of 2,283 episodes on E!.

1997: Stern played himself in a feature film version of “Private Parts“. (Here’s more about the movie.)

See just how high Howard Stern rates on a scale of 1 to 100 (…according to men anyways.)

1998 – 2001: “The Howard Stern Radio Show” was syndicated.

Howard Stern has been #1 in New York City, the #1 radio market in the United States, for more than 10 straight years. Source

2004: Stern signed a five-year agreement to broadcast on SIRIUS satellite radio.

He is both the highest-paid radio personality in the United States and the most fined personality in radio broadcast history. Source

Feb 24, 2005: The Howard Stern Show was pulled from six major markets nationwide by Clear Channel Communications execs. (The very next day, Clear Channel and Howard Stern agree to disagree and drop all lawsuits against each other.)

Clear Channel reached a record $1.75 million settlement with the FCC in June to settle complaints against Stern and other radio personalities. Source

Dec 16, 2005: Howard Stern did his last show on public radio.

There were 68 uses of the ‘F-word’ on Stern’s first SIRIUS broadcast. Source

Jan 9, 2006: Howard Stern debuted on SIRIUS radio.(It is said that Stern is responsible for more than half of all new SIRIUS subscribers!)

For the record, Stern’s first day on SIRIUS Satellite Radiowas 100% commercial-free, but that’s not how it will always be. On the air, Stern announced that the show would immediately begin airing 6 minutes of advertising each hour from advertisers such as the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Heineken and some online gambling Web sites.


Howard Stern Audio & Video Clips

Who Could Possibly Fill Howard Stern’s Shoes?

So, is comedian Adam Corolla next in line to fill Howard Stern’s vacancy on the FCC-mandated public airwaves?

Or will it be one of these: David Lee Roth, Jon Stewart, Geraldo Rivera, Whoopi Goldberg, or Danny Bonaduce?

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