Are You Hacked Off At Someone… Or Something? 5 Fun Ways To Vent Your Frustration

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If you’re needing to vent or let off a little steam — and have FUN while you’re doing it — check out these frustration-busters…


#1 – Wreak Havoc

Is there a particular website that you can’t stand? A company getting on your last nerve? Perhaps the IRS is taking more than their fair share this year?… Or, your phone company keeps giving you the run-around on your bill?…

Now you can destroy any website that you don’t like with Net Disaster. Watch the site disintegrate right before your eyes!

Simply choose your catastrophe: Meteors, Nuke, Flood, Mars Attacks!, Dinosaurs, Fried Eggs, Worms, Gun, Bloody Gun, Paint Ball, Flower Power, Spilled Coffee, Slow Burn, or Mold…

Then, sit back and watch as it is completely destroyed.


#2 – Shred This!

Not nearly as damaging, but interesting nonetheless, check out SSI Shredding System’s movie gallery of actual shredding — from the ordinary but tough, to the surprising.

It’s pretty cool to watch just about everything as it passes through an industrial sized shredder!


#3 – Get Your Complaint Heard

If you’re dealing with a lot of headaches from a particular company, then you might want to complain to someone.

Planet Feedback gives you a platform to state your case in an attempt to create change. Here’s how you file a complaint with any company — large or small.


#4 – Talk To A Lawyer

Now, if things have gone on too long, and they’re still not right, then you might have a case in court. Before you go, here are some pointers for how to talk to a lawyer.

Even if you don’t need it now, this is good stuff, so save it — it might come in handy someday.


#5 – An Excuse For Everything

Finally, if you’re just irked for no reason… or you NEED a good reason for your current situation, then check out the mother of all excuses.

This site can help you find an excuse for practically anything!


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