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Play The Bunch Marble Game Online

Here’s a simple yet hard online game using colored marbles.

It’s called Bunch.

There are two different versions you can play for free online:

  • The “classic” game
  • The “puzzle” version

Here’s what to you want to do…


For The “Classic” Game

How to play: Click on a colored ball (here, grey is also a color), and then click a different colored ball next to it, and they flip-flop their position. (You can also drag one colored ball on top of another, for the same effect.)

Object of the game: Try to get as many colored balls of the same color in a row/group next to one another.

It’s a race: You’ll notice the tall orange bar along the side slowly ticks away the time.

How to score: Every time you have a bunch of like-colored balls next to one another (in one spot on the board, or in several spots on the board), tap the Spacebar (or hit the “Collect” bar) and you are awarded those points.
BONUS TIP: The bigger the bunch, the more points that bunch is worth. And, for some reason, not every ball can be swapped with its adjacent marble. (See the tutorial for an explanation.)

How to win: “Collect” as many points as you can in the allotted time period. You keep going until the time runs out.


My Best Score:

Highest scoring collection: 1576
Biggest bunch: 16
Total score: 5318

That’s not so great… I’m sure you can beat my score in no time.

–> Play BUNCH now!

If you want to play the “puzzle” version, simple click on “QUIT” at any time, and you’ll be returned to the main menu where you can choose the “classic” or “puzzle” versions of the game.