Online Bubble Wrap Games For Hours Of Bubble Popping Fun!

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Next time you’re bored, here are a few mindless activities you can do online.

…for hours of non-stop bubble popping!

Due to the fact that popping bubble wrap is so addicting, you can imagine how easy it will be to lose all track of time when you’re playing these bubble-popping games at your computer.

If you like addictive, repetitive actions, then you’ll enjoy these online bubblewrap games…

  • The original Virtual Bubble Wrap game lets you test your mouse skills by trying to pop each of the bubbles on the page.  Choose small, medium, or large bubbles; regular or manic mode, then start popping! The computer keeps your “score”.
  • If loud noises don’t bother you, then try the “insane” version of Virtual Bubblewrap!
  • You’ll drive yourself bonkers with this Perpetual Bubble Wrap Game. The self-healing bubbles will give you hours minutes of bubble-popping fun (…or frustration).

Check out this cool bubble wrap popping keyring. And if you liked that, then you’ll love this Bubble Wrap Phone Cases!

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