Military: Support Our Troops

Unique ways to share random acts of kindness with U.S. Military Soldiers. Whether you know someone who’s in the military and you want to send them a care package, or you’re looking for a U.S. soldier to send a package to… start here!

One Soldier’s Story

I came across an interesting project called One Soldier’s Story. It’s an effort to collect first-person writings from current and former U.S. soldiers and present them in one collaborative hard-bound book.

Chely Wright’s Fan Club Lies To Promote SUV Song

Well, well, well… Chely Wright suddenly finds herself (and her SUV song) in the hot seat! It has been revealed that members of the Chely Wright Fan Club have spent MONTHS engaged in a campaign of deceit for the sole…

Bumper Of My SUV Song By Chely Wright

There’s this strange phenomenon in the music world called “politics”! (Surprise, surprise.) But Chely Wright’s newest single, “Bumper of My SUV” is void of all politics. I find this to be true for a number of reasons. Allow me…