Why Netflix and YouTube Are On My Radar

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Two interesting news bytes regarding Netflix and YouTube that I thought were interesting…


Sites Pay For Online Video Content

I actually wasn’t aware that anyone was paying for original content in videos. So it was great to earn that the actual creators of videos are starting to be compensated for their creativity and for sharing what they’ve captured in video format.

I think it’s a wonderful way to give due credit to the original poster of any video content. Plus, it might cut down on all the replication. My biggest beef with online video sites right now is the fact that there are 99-million copies of the same thing on any given video site. This makes searching their large volume of videos quite cumbersome.

Hopefully, only having one original posting by the one person who created the video will clean up the video search engines a bit.

Check out the article: YouTube Begins Paying For Videos


TV & Movies On-Demand… Online

Netflix recently started showing movies and TV episodes over the Internet — a service available to Netflix subscribers at no additional charge.

You can watch up to 48 hours of material per month on an Internet streaming service that is supposed to prevent piracy.

They say that “allotted viewing time will be tied to how much customers already pay for their DVD rentals. Under Netflix’s most popular $17.99 monthly package, subscribers will receive 18 hours of Internet viewing time.”

Check out the article: Netflix To Begin Instant Web Delivery


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