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My review of Cricut Expression compared to the Original Cricut machine. If you're a teacher, a mom, or a crafter, the Cricut machine is a tool you will use a lot. I use mine for papercrafting.

The mystery behind the red quarter has been solved! Here's what red quarters mean and how much they're worth.

Find a red quarter? Wondering why it's been painted red and how much it's worth? Here's the answer to the decades-long red painted quarter mystery (and value).

Here are 6 modifications to the official Monopoly game rules that will lead to more exciting game play the next time you play Monopoly with friends.

1944 Penny Value: Have a 1944 wheat penny? Or a 1944 penny that's silver in color? Find out if you have a rare 1944 penny worth thousands of dollars or not.

The rare 1944 steel penny and rare 1943 copper penny share a similar story. And they're BOTH worth big money! See why... and how to spot counterfeits.

See the current value of a 2021 Tuskegee Airmen quarter and a 2021 Crossing The Delaware quarter. Plus rare 2021 quarters you can find in pocket change!

The 1959-D wheat penny is one of the most controversial mule coins ever. Everything you want to know about the mystery surrounding the 1959-D penny error.

A list of only the BEST places that give out FREE things on your Birthday. These go above & beyond the basic birthday freebies. ONLY the biggest & best ones