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Why Are Coins Made Of Alloys?

Alloys have been used to make U.S. coins for centuries. Why aren’t coins made of pure metal? When did alloys become the norm for U.S. coins? What’s the difference between alloy vs. clad? And how much are coins made from alloys worth? Find out here!

Why is E Pluribus Unum on coins like the Lincoln Memorial penny, as seen here?

Why Is E Pluribus Unum On Coins?

Learn the origin of the phrase E Pluribus Unum, what E Pluribus Unum means, why E Pluribus Unum appears on U.S. coins, and the significance of this phrase in America.

What Is An Uncirculated Coin? (Uncirculated Coin Grades Explained)

Here’s what to look for on your uncirculated (mint state) coins that have never been used as money: 1) Wear (see where to look for wear on coins) and 2) Grade (see how to determine the grade of your uncirculated coins – with all 11 uncirculated coin grades explained in layman’s terms).