Test Your Brain Power With My Brain Trainer Online Challenges

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my-brain-trainer-demo.gif More than just a game… this one’s a true test of your brain power, memory skills, reaction time, and how well you can use your right and left brain together.

MyBrainTrainer is the world’s first virtual mental gymnasium!

It’s an extremely challenging “decision-choice” reaction time test that challenges your brain’s speed of memory access while working against the clock to make a split-second decision.

“What’s unique here is that to make your choice and take the appropriate action, you must access information stored in different areas of your brain, then bring that information together into your “working memory” before you can choose and act.”

First, you go through 2 practice runs to ensure that your brain is properly warmed up.

Then, you’ll be ready for the real (and challenging) test.

At the end, it calculates your Brain Power and your Brain Age, along with a bunch more interesting demographic data.

From the site

If you answer yes to any of the following, then this is the site for you:

  • Have you ever wished you could be a little quicker, a little sharper mentally?
  • Are you under increasing pressure to absorb more information, from more sources, more rapidly?
  • Is your stress level rising due to the need (both at work and home) to perform multiple tasks simultaneously?
  • Do you wish you could concentrate better in the presence of distractions?
  • Would faster physical reflexes and sharper visual discrimination serve you well on the ballfield or tennis court or basketball court? How about behind the wheel of your car?
  • Is it critical at times for you to be at your mental best (a big meeting, an examination, a job interview)?

Start here. (Read the directions closely each step of the way!)

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