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CT Scan

What Is A CT Scan? Does A CAT Scan Hurt? Is It Dangerous? What’s Different About A CT Scan With Contrast?

Getting a CAT scan soon? Nervous? Don’t know what to expect? I recently had my first CT scan with contrast. See what it was like, the difference between MRI and CT scan, what CT scan prep is like, and how long a CAT scan takes. I attempt to answer all your questions about CT scans — so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you have your first CAT scan!

CT Scan

Got Dry, Cracked Feet? (I Used To!) See How To Exfoliate Feet With A Foot Scrub (Instead Of A Foot File) To Make Them Smooth …And Get Baby Soft Feet Overnight!

If your feet and heels are dry and cracked like mine used to be, you’re going to love these tutorials showing how to exfoliate feet by making a DIY foot scrub and enjoying a soothing foot soak in the comfort of your own home! I’ve learned that you should never use a foot tool (like a foot file, foot scraper, or pumice stone for feet) because they’re too abrasive and don’t allow fresh, new, baby soft skin to grow — so the skin on your feet will just keep getting thicker and rougher!

Want The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin? Here’s How To Hydrate Severely Dry Skin + The Best Body Oil For Dry Skin Issues

Whenever I stop moisturizing my skin (as few as 2 days in a row) the dry, flaky skin starts to reappear on my nose, my hands, and my feet! So I’ve learned the importance of exfoliating and the differences between the 3 types of dry skin moisturizers: body lotions, body oils, and body butters.

How To Save Money On Your Prescription Drugs Using The GoodRX App For FREE – A Review Of My Experience With Good RX

My girlfriend didn’t know about the GoodRX app — and she was really upset when she learned that she could’ve saved $140 on a recent prescription of Tamiflu for her daughter. So I thought there may be others who don’t know about Good RX yet either. Here’s how you can get prescription discounts and start saving on your medications immediately by using the GoodRX app (…it’s FREE).