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Small Bathroom Makeovers On A Budget: See How I Transformed Our Bathroom Under $100

We’ve all watched those home repair and makeover shows on television. HGTV immediately comes to mind. They quickly sink thousands of dollars into remodeling bathrooms, while making it all look effortless.  There’s no denying the fact that they’re great at creating luxurious indoor spas from mundane bathrooms — which is all well and good for those building their […]


ReLeaf Leaf Scoops Make Raking Leaves Fun & Recycling Leaves Easy

I spent some of my weekend raking leaves, which is something many of us have to do after our trees have put on their beautiful displays of fall colors. Even though I generally enjoy outdoor time working on the lawn, I find leaf raking to be a little challenging because after I’m done raking all […]

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Health & Beauty


How To Get Long Eyelashes Naturally Without Fiber Mascara Or False Eyelashes

Want long lashes? Who doesn’t, right? Thick, long lashes frame your eyes and make them appear larger. Long eyelashes alone can also make you look prettier and more feminine when you’re not wearing any other makeup. Good news: you don’t have to spend money on fiber mascara or false eyelashes to get the long eyelashes you’ve always wanted! […]

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Outdoor Fun

Winter Driving

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter + 4 Essential Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving tips are important to know, especially when the weather forecaster is predicting 6 inches of snow and icy conditions on the roads. That’s the perfect recipe for driving disaster. I really can’t overstate the driving dangers that severe winter weather poses — especially black ice. Joshua McMorrow-HernandezMy love for coins and numismatics began when […]


How To Prevent A Heart Attack When Snow Shoveling – Tips That Could Save Your Life!

Shoveling snow can feel like moving a ton of bricks sometimes. There’s a reason people call that wet, heavy white stuff heart attack snow.   Shoveling Snow And Heart Attacks According to the American Journal of Cardiology and Lancet, the number of ischemic heart disease deaths rose by 22% during the week of a major blizzard and stayed above […]

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Buy Groceries Online – It Saves Time, Money, And Reduces Your Carbon Footprint!

I’ve been buying dog food online and enjoying the convenience of having it delivered to my home for years. Now I’m starting to buy groceries online too. Of course this includes a slew of frequently used household products as well. It’s definitely better for the planet… and for your family! For most of us, going to the […]

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Hobbies & Crafts

Rare Nickels

Got Rare Nickels? The 25 Most Valuable Nickels & How Much They’re Worth

Do you have any rare nickels in your change jar? Every day, people are finding valuable nickels in their pocket change, rolls of coins, and in other places. Of course, you have to be pretty lucky to find ‘em. But you also have to know what you’re looking for! Joshua McMorrow-HernandezMy love for coins and […]

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Electronics & Gadgets


GTasks Task Management App Is The Best Task Manager… Ever!

Don’t you hate it when someone always says, “Remind me to…” or “Don’t let me forget to…” I have 2 friends who do this all the time. Okay, one in married to. The other shall remain nameless. I always wonder… why do they need ME to remind them of things? I mean, we’re living in a high-tech […]


Photo Selfie Tips: 4 Different Ways To Take The Best Selfies

I’ve shared my best tips for looking better in photos before, as well as how to look 5 pounds thinner in pictures. For the most part, those ideas pertain to group photos and pictures that other people take of you. But what about some selfie tips? Selfies are close up and personal, so there are some […]

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10 Most Secluded Resorts In The USA: Great For A Quiet Vacation Or Romantic Getaway

Ever since the days when my husband and I were dating, I’ve always wanted to experience a really secluded vacation. Something along the lines of: backcountry camping with wild horses on Cumberland Island in Georgia; or a treehouse vacation like the Edisto River Treehouses in South Carolina Those are still on my bucket list. However, these days, my vacation desires are […]


7 U.S. Amusement Parks You Must Visit… That Aren’t In Orlando, Florida

The United States is one of the greatest nations for visiting amusement parks. There are so many to visit here! I should know, as I’ve visited many of them in several states and love each amusement park for different reasons. I live in Florida, a state that is the home of Orlando — the Theme Park […]

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