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How To Repair A Damaged Metalbestos Chimney Yourself

Winter can be hard on all things household, and this past winter was a dickens. Along with record cold, the quantity of snow that fell caused all sorts of headaches for me at the cabin. In years past, when snow built up to a certain level, the first warm day that came along would break the […]

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Mens Spring Fashion Trends That Will Take You Through Spring, Summer & Beyond

I know, I know. Men’s runway fashions seem odd… alien… even downright ridiculous to the average guy like you and me. But you’ll appreciate this, trust me. It’s a peek at the men’s clothing styles that you’ll be seeing in department stores throughout the spring and summer months. See how you can use this info […]

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When Is Tornado Season? Tornado Facts + Answers To Your Top Tornado Questions

Is there a tornado season? The answer is “yes” with a BIG asterisk.  That asterisk? Tornado season in your part of the country may be different than in another region of the United States. You see, unlike hurricanes, which generally form between June 1 and November 30 (a timeframe known as hurricane season), there is […]

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DIY Easter Cards: Fun Easter Card Ideas Using Ribbon And Burlap

After seeing this card on Pinterest, I was inspired to try the following ribbon egg cards. I considered using washi tape instead of ribbon, but I fell in love with the $1 ribbons at Michaels and selected a fun variety of colors and patterns. I suppose if I had reached the washi tape bucket first, I probably […]

cheap coin supplies

5 Cheap Coin Supplies You Need & Where To Find Them

Cheap coin supplies are in high demand by collectors who want to take care of their coins but don’t have much… ahem… “coin” to spare (cue the joke punchline drum shot… ba dum sssssst). But, in all seriousness (OK, I’m not really going to get too serious – this is a blog post about a […]

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Photo Selfie Tips: 4 Different Ways To Take The Best Selfies

I’ve shared my best tips for looking better in photos before, as well as how to look 5 pounds thinner in pictures. For the most part, those ideas pertain to group photos and pictures that other people take of you. But what about some selfie tips? Selfies are close up and personal, so there are some […]

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CityPASS Discount Attraction Tickets – How They Work & Where To Get Them

Are you traveling to one of the major cities or tourist regions in the United States? If you are, you might want to check out the CityPASS discount admission pass. It’s a way to purchase a group of admission tickets for various museums, amusement parks, and other attractions for a single price that is far […]

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