15 Old PBS Kids Shows We Miss — Do You?

Chances are, PBS kids shows were a part of your childhood whether you’re a 1970s baby, grew up in the 1980s, or were a youngster in the 1990s. I personally enjoyed PBS children’s programming from the 1980s into the 1990s, though I recall some 1970s-vintage PBS shows that continued to air into the following decade. […]

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Is Organic Coffee Better Than Regular Coffee? Here’s The Scoop

I’m  a self-professed coffee junkie, so it’s little surprise that my love for the bean led me to trying out organic coffee as of late. While I’m pretty much a regular Joe who likes his Joe just as regular, I had to try some organic coffee to see if it really is any better than the […]

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WARNING: Christmas Tree Mold Is Real! 4 Ways To Prevent Christmas Tree Allergies

Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly-cut balsam for the holidays? And the look of fresh cedar boughs twisted around the stair railings and evergreen wreaths above the fireplace? But if you happen to have tree allergies or mold allergies, all of this Christmas loveliness is bad for your health! Think you just have a cold? You might have […]

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What Is A Polar Vortex & Why All The Hype?

It seems like the media has helped make the words polar vortex another popular weather phrase that everyone is using now to describe really cold weather events. Don’t forget, there was also snowicane, snowpocalypse and snowmageddon… It may just be me, but there’s much more fuss about cold weather these days than there used to be. The […]


13 Best Fly Fishing Videos Online… Funny, Inspiring, Helpful, And More

What follows are some truly one-of-a-kind fly fishing videos. Lynnette WalczakI like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time & money — so I frequently write about “outside the box” ideas that most wouldn’t think of. As a lifelong dog owner, I often share my best tips for […]

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Retirement Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

Early Retirement: 3 Simple Things You Should Do Now If You Want To Retire Early

Early retirement is a dream shared by many. However, unless you do some advance planning, the dream of retiring early can begin to feel hopelessly out of reach. The likelihood that you’ll outlive your retirement income is very real these days. If you’d like to retire early, but fear whether you can afford it or not — listen up. Here are […]

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Is It Time To Buy Silver? Pros & Cons Of Buying Silver Bullion Coins

It seems like everyone’s saying to buy silver. Whether silver prices are up, or whether they are down. Of course, a lot of the chants you’ll hear about buying silver has to do with marketing. Bullion, after all, is a 24/7 industry with billions of dollars in silver up for grabs at any given time. […]


Edible Christmas Trees: 5 Edible Christmas Tree Desserts Fun To Make With Kids

Looking for some sweet treats that you can make with your kids for Christmas? Or maybe you’re just looking for unique ideas a fun holiday party? Here are 5 edible Christmas tree desserts that are easy to make…   Lynnette WalczakI like to help people find unique ways to do things in order to save time & […]

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Online Dating Sites Reveal What Makes The Best Online Dating Profile Photos

Your main profile photo is the #1 most important thing in your online dating profile! That said, I find it really interesting that men and women have such different approaches when it comes to choosing their online dating profile photos. For example, while 2/3rds of women smile in their profile photos, 2/3rds of men don’t. Also, […]


GTasks Task Management App Is The Best Task Manager… Ever!

Don’t you hate it when someone always says, “Remind me to…” or “Don’t let me forget to…” I have 2 friends who do this all the time. Okay, one in married to. The other shall remain nameless. I always wonder… why do they need ME to remind them of things? I mean, we’re living in a high-tech […]

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10 Most Secluded Resorts In The USA: Great For A Quiet Vacation Or Romantic Getaway

Ever since the days when my husband and I were dating, I’ve always wanted to experience a really secluded vacation. Something along the lines of: backcountry camping with wild horses on Cumberland Island in Georgia; or a treehouse vacation like the Edisto River Treehouses in South Carolina Those are still on my bucket list. However, these days, my vacation desires are […]

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