20 Old Super Bowl Ads We Still Love

-+*Watching Super Bowl ads may be as much fun for some people as seeing the actual game. And if your team didn’t make it to the big NFL football event, the ads may be even more enjoyable for you to see than the game itself. While it seems to many people that the hype about Superbowl commercials is relatively new, […]

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Battery Storage Tip: Don’t Let 9-Volt Batteries Touch… Could Start A Fire!

-+*Do you keep extra household batteries in a junk drawer, or in a bag? If so, you need to see this!… 9-volt batteries (like those used in your smoke detectors) can cause a fire and destroy your house — just like they destroyed this family’s house:   How Can 9v Batteries Cause A Fire? Any time two 9-volt batteries […]

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Buying Scratch Off Tickets? 5 Secrets To Winning Lottery Scratch Off Games

-+*Good news! If you’re thinking of playing scratch off lottery games, you’ll be glad to know that there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of choosing a winning scratch off ticket. First, check out this video which takes you behind the scenes to see how scratch off tickets are made and how special measures are […]

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DIY Kids Birthday Cards: A Handmade Kids Birthday Card With Googly Eyes

-+*I found this piece of paper in my DCWV Paper Stack and decided to make a googly eyes card for my nephew’s birthday. It was amazingly easy, and he loved it! Here are the steps to make kids birthday cards with googly eyes yourself…   SuzieI’ve been crafting for many years. I started with cross-stitching, then moved […]

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Online Dating Sites Reveal What Makes The Best Online Dating Profile Photos

-+*Your main profile photo is the #1 most important thing in your online dating profile! That said, I find it really interesting that men and women have such different approaches when it comes to choosing their online dating profile photos. For example, while 2/3rds of women smile in their profile photos, 2/3rds of men don’t. Also, […]


GTasks Task Management App Is The Best Task Manager… Ever!

-+*Don’t you hate it when someone always says, “Remind me to…” or “Don’t let me forget to…” I have 2 friends who do this all the time. Okay, one in married to. The other shall remain nameless. I always wonder… why do they need ME to remind them of things? I mean, we’re living in a high-tech […]

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12 Ways To Save Time & Money At Theme Parks That Most People Forget

-+*Theme parks are the destination of choice for millions of Americans each year. During any given spring or summer, you’ll find tourists hitting the road and taking flight to visit any of the 400+ theme parks and amusement parks in the United States. Whether you’re visiting Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Cedar Point, SeaWorld, […]

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