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Before installing a pocket door, read these helpful tips. We are putting pocket doors in our home, but we were unable to use a pocket door in the bathroom like we wanted to.

Did you know you that stainless steel paint even existed?! It's great. We used liquid stainless steel paint on our old refrigerator. I've got pics, tips & tricks from start to finish!

Yes, puppy hiccups are normal. Here's what causes hiccups in dogs, why they're so common in puppies, how long dog hiccups last, and what you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Ready for some DIY drywall repair? Here's what you need to fix holes in drywall. Plus my best tips for spackling, sanding, priming, and painting drywall yourself.

Don't want to harm yourself or the environment? These non toxic paint remover tips will get the job done quickly & safely. Ecofriendly ways to remove paint.

A comparison of the Chicken BLT Wendy's salad vs the Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch McDonald's salad. Plus interesting facts about fast food salads compared to dog food.

A list of a zillion great uses for Mr Clean Magic Erasers from people who actually use them. See what makes a Magic Eraser cleaning block work & what this magic sponge is made of.