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1935 penny value - 1935 wheat penny value

Most 1935 pennies are valuable - some even rare! Check out this guide to see what your 1935 penny is worth + A list of 1935 wheat penny errors to look for.

1933 penny value guide

Collect old wheat pennies? (I do!) Here's how you can tell the difference between a 1933 penny worth only a few cents versus one worth thousands of dollars.

Error coins with missing clad layers are rare & valuable! Here's how coins can lose their outer clad layers, where to find them, and how much they're worth

The US Mint did not produce any coins with a mintmark from 1965-1967. Silver was also removed from coins. See why 1965 coins, 1966 coins, and 1967 coins are different -- and what's so unique about 1968 coins.

All 1929 wheat pennies are worth more than face value. Some are worth thousands of dollars! See how much your 1929 penny is worth, plus 1929 errors to look for.

1927 Penny Value Guide

How much is a 1927 wheat penny worth? Here's the ultimate 1927 penny value guide. Plus a 1927 penny error list with mistakes to look for on 1927 Lincoln cents.

1926 penny value1926 wheat pennies are worth anywhere from a few cents to a few thousand dollars. Here's how to determine the value of your 1926 penny.

What's a 1926 penny worth? What errors exist on 1926 wheat pennies? How can you tell a valuable 1926 Lincoln cent from one worth only a few cents? See the answers!

Curious about 1788 / 2000 Virginia state quarter values? Which ones are worth keeping? How can you spot a 2000 Virginia quarter error? Here's everything you want to know about Virginia state quarters!

Broadstrike error coins are wider & flatter than normal coins. Find out how broad strike coins are made, how much they're worth, and where to find them!