A List Of Places To Donate Used Baby Blankets In The U.S. + Fun Ways To Repurpose Baby Blankets In Your Home

Wondering what to do with all of your used baby items (like all of those super-soft used baby blankets) when your baby is no longer a baby? I counted nearly 20 baby blankets in my son’s closet… he’s now 2 years old! I wanted to donate them to a special cause. Here’s my experience donating baby blankets to charity, a list of where to donate used baby blankets, and some fun ways to repurpose baby blankets and reuse them around the house!

Bumbo Baby Seat Review: See How The Bumbo Multi Seat Grows With Your Baby And Serves Many Purposes!

As a new mom, I look for baby items to serve multiple uses. That’s why I love the Bumbo Multi Seat. Not only can it be used as a floor seat and a high chair, but it can also be used on other flat surfaces — like the dining room table while I’m working there! The Bumbo baby seat easily converts from a floor seat to a booster seat — maximizing its use for as long as baby will fit in it! Here’s my detailed review, plus a video so you can ‘see’ what I’m talking about.