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Coin Roll Hunting 101: My Experience Buying Bank Rolls Of Coins At Face Value To Find Valuable Coins (Plus, A List Of Coins You’re Most Likely To Find In Coin Rolls)

I like to buy rolls of coins from the bank, then see how many valuable coins I can find in each roll. It's called coin roll hunting. (Yes it's a thing.) See the coins I've obtained for face value - simply by buying bank rolls. Also, a list of coins you should be looking for in bank rolls - by denomination.

11 Reasons To Start Collecting Coins… Right Now!

The hobby of coin collecting is growing - with more and more people discovering how rewarding collecting coins is! I began collecting coins in the early 1990s - and I'm still finding new reasons to collect coins. I love that I can enjoy a hobby that costs very little and yet offers so much enjoyment. Here are my top 11 reasons why you should start collecting coins today!

Get A Job In Coins! Here’s How I Was Able To Find A Job In The Coin Industry… And You Can, Too

Want to get a job in the coin industry? I can help you! I'm a longtime coin collector and I've led a numismatic career with LOTS of fun numismatic jobs since 2006. I'm going to help you start your coin job search with the goal of finding U.S. Mint jobs and other numismatic jobs -- where you can put your love of coins to work on a full- or part-time basis. Start here to find a job working with coins!

A Fun Way To Collect Coins From A Specific Year: Assemble A Birth Year Coin Set Or A Conception Year Coin Set!

A really fun idea is to assemble a Birth Year Coin Set or a Conception Year Coin Set. It's a collection of coins that were struck during the year of one's birth or the year of one's conception. The idea is to pick out of pocket change an example of each coin you find that was struck the year you (or someone you love) was born -- or conceived. This is a simple DIY project for all skill levels -- whether you officially collect coins or not! Here are some clever ideas for making coin sets by year -- including Birth Year Coin Sets and Conception Year Coin Sets.