Penny Errors To Look For: The Ultimate Rare Error Pennies & Common Error Pennies List

What is an error penny — and how much are error pennies worth? Our penny error list shows you which penny errors to look for, common & rare error pennies, unique pennies that look like errors but are not, and how much they’re all worth!

Have Error Coins? Here’s How To Tell A Normal Or Altered Coin From A Real Coin Error

Your weird looking coins might be error coins! Here’s how to tell what’s a legit error coin from the U.S. Mint (like the rare 1990 penny, valuable doubled die coins, and bubbled coins) and what’s an altered coins or novelty coin (like two-headed coins, colorized coins, gold-plated coins, really small coins, really large coins, coins with odd rims and edges, dimes & quarters without edge grooves). Plus a list of some of the most common U.S. coin errors that you could actually find in your pocket change!

15 Of The Rarest State Quarters: 5 Valuable State Quarter Errors + 10 Rare State Quarters To Look For In Your Spare Change (See How Much They’re Worth!)

Are you wondering which state has the rarest state quarter? Or… what is the rarest state quarter you can find in pocket change these days? Here’s a list of the Top 10 Rare State Quarters you can find in your loose change. Also, a list of the Top 5 Rare State Quarter Errors to look for. See how much they’re all worth today!

Get A Job In Coins! Here’s How I Was Able To Find A Job In The Coin Industry… And You Can, Too

Want to get a job in the coin industry? I can help you! I’m a longtime coin collector and I’ve led a numismatic career with LOTS of fun numismatic jobs since 2006. I’m going to help you start your coin job search with the goal of finding U.S. Mint jobs and other numismatic jobs — where you can put your love of coins to work on a full- or part-time basis. Start here to find a job working with coins!

What’s A 1933 Penny Worth? See The Value Of A 1933 Wheat Penny, A 1933-D Penny, And 1933 Penny Errors

Collect old wheat pennies? (I do!) Here’s how you can tell the difference between a 1933 penny worth only a few cents versus one worth thousands of dollars. See the value of 1933 wheat pennies… including the 1933-D penny and other rare and valuable 1933 Lincoln cents.

Coins That Are Missing A Clad Layer Are Rare & Valuable Errors Worth Hundreds Of Dollars!

Error coins with missing clad layers are rare & valuable! Wondering how to tell if a coin is missing a clad layer? I’m going to show you! You’ll also learn how coins can lose their outer clad layers, where to find missing clad layer coins, and how much they’re worth.

Tips For Collecting And Investing In American Silver Eagles & Gold Eagles, Platinum American Eagles, And Palladium Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are great for both investing and collecting! Here are some little-known facts and tips for collecting American Silver Eagles (1986-present), American Gold Eagles (1986-present), Platinum American Eagles (1997-2008), and Palladium bullion coins. See the scarcest American Silver Eagle coins that are the most sought-after, the pros & cons of collecting proof vs. bullion Silver Eagles, and more!

Know What You’re Paying For U.S. Mint Coins With This Gold Price Chart And Silver Price Chart + How To Save Money Buying U.S. Mint Coins

Trying to find out why the US Mint charges what it does for its coins? This US Mint gold price chart will help you understand why their numismatic gold coins and silver coins cost what they do. See how their gold coin prices and silver coin prices compare to daily and historical bullion price charts… plus, ways to save money buying US Mint coins.