Hanes Commercial Features More Cool Dancers

Okay, so the Momix dancers may not be the same as the Jello dancers, but they are the new Hanes dancers! Check out the Hanes commercial which features performers from the Momix Dance Company…

TV Lineups: See Who’s On The TV Talk Shows This Week

The Late Night TV Page helps you stay on top of who’s going to be on all the talk shows. Plus, see who’s going to be on the daytime talk shows, too. You’ll never miss your favorite celebs making their rounds on the talk show circuit again!

Funny Videos: Incidents & Accidents On Live TV

Here are a few funny videos that were taped during QVC or Home Shopping Channel on-air live programming. These funny videos featuring accidents, bloopers, and random mishaps which took place on one of the home shopping channels. You’ve gotta love live TV… you just never know what’s going to happen next!

Psych: A Fun New Show With A Fake Psychic & Real Detectives

The Psych TV show on USA Network features a fake psychic and real detectives. It’s a whodunit show gone awry… In that same vain, here are some interactive online games you can try your hand at. They’re actually quite fun. They are for people who are good at spotting details. Enjoy!

2005 Emmy Awards Pre-Show Facts & Fun Stuff

I’ve always wanted to try something FUN during an awards show — like I’ve heard other couples do. You know, invite some friends over and do your own voting during the show!