Baby’s First Passport: Here’s How To Get A U.S. Child Passport + My Review Of The Process

The process of applying for a U.S. Child Passport was super easy for us! Here’s everything you need to get your baby’s first passport — all of the documents you will need to apply for before you can get a U.S. Child Passport, and how to do it. Plus baby passport photo tips, and last-minute reminders before you head to the local office to get an infant passport.

My Review Of The Moby Wrap Classic: First Impressions Of This Babywearing Wrap + Pros And Cons Of The Moby Baby Wrap

Babywearing wraps are the best! I would rather wear my baby than carry him. Here’s my review of the Moby Wrap Classic — what I love about it (…and a few things I don’t), plus how to wrap the Moby Classic for 4 different babywearing carry positions.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review: My Baby’s Got 5 Teeth & Has Never Had A Fever Since Wearing A Baltic Teething Necklace

Many parents swear by the Baltic Amber teething necklace. As a first time mom, not knowing what to expect, it appears the Baltic Amber necklace is working because he teethes with very little fussing AND he has never once had a fever! Here’s how a Baltic teething necklace works, plus some things you should know before trying an Amber necklace with your baby.

HP Photosmart 6520: An Inexpensive Printer Scanner Copier That Does It All (Even Faxes)… And It’s Fast Too!

The HP Photosmart 6520 printer/scanner/copier is a wireless all-in-one printer that does everything we need — and more — for our home office. See why it’s a great choice for a small business WiFi printer and it’s our choice as the best multifunction printer around.

Ready To Go Skydiving? Helpful Tips For Your First Tandem Skydive From Someone Who’s Done It 6 Times (….And Counting!)

I love tandem skydiving – where the skydiving instructor does all the work and I just hang along for the ride. I’ve done it 6 times, and I’m sure I’ll do it plenty more times too. These are my best skydiving tips to prepare you for your first time skydiving.

How To Make Your Own Ringtone And Custom Vibration Patterns + Cool Ways To Personalize Your New Ringtone With A Name And/Or A Song

I bet you didn’t realize how cool it is to make your own ringtone using your name (and the names of any of your contacts). There are some awesome apps that allow you to make a new ringtone and even personalize your vibration pattern — in case you’re like me and set your phone to vibrate most of the time. I’ll show you the best sites to get creative with your ringtones and vibrations.

Eraser Daddy Review: Scrubbing Power Without Scratching (Like Scrub Daddy Sponges) + Soft Wiping Power (Like Magic Erasers)

My husband calls me the sponge expert because I’ve tried practically every sponge under the sun. I definitely have my favorites (Sponge Mommy sponges and Magic Erasers). When the Eraser Daddy sponge hit the market, I couldn’t wait to try it! Here’s my review of this 2-sided sponge — it’s a Scrub Daddy sponge on 1 side and a melamine sponge on the other.