The Best Bones For Dogs: A List Of Butcher Bones Safe For Dogs + What You Need To Know Before Giving Raw Bones To Your Dog!

The Best Raw Bones For Dogs – A list of safe dog bones for chewing that are the least likely to splinter. See the specific bones to ask your butcher for, what to look for in grocery stores, and where to find raw bones for dogs online. (I usually buy several pounds at a time, and I freeze them.)

How To Prevent Dog Boredom: Here Are 9 Easy Ways To Entertain Your Dog At Home

Looking for ways to prevent dog boredom? Here are 9 easy ways to keep your dog busy. See how to entertain your dog at home, indoors, outside, and while you’re at work!

Dog Teeth Brushing Tips: See Exactly How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Yourself (It’s Cheaper Than A Dog Dental Cleaning, After You’ve Waited Too Long!)

If you’ve ever wondered how in the world you’re going to brush your dog’s teeth yourself, I’ve got SO MANY helpful tips that will make it incredibly easy for you to do! See exactly how to clean your dog’s teeth. Handy gadgets that make the process MUCH easier. The difference between plaque and tartar – how to tell which one your dog has (and which one is the most harmful). Plus some scary facts that will become your reality if you DON’T start brushing your dog’s teeth. 80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3 – so it’s crucial that you start now!

I’ve Tried A LOT Of Different Interactive Dog Toys To Prevent My Dogs From Getting Bored… Wicked Ball Is The Best So Far!

The Wicked Ball dog toy is one of the best interactive dog toys I’ve ever seen. It’s 100% automatic – it rolls and moves all by itself and even turns itself ON and OFF! It’s great for preventing dog boredom and entertaining your dog when you’re not home. See why my dogs like it so much…

Looking For The Best Pet Brush? See Why So Many Dog Owners & Groomers Think The Furminator DeShedding Tool Is The Best Dog Brush For Shedding

Looking for Furminator reviews? Or the best dog brush for shedding? I’ve found a pet brush that blows all the others away. The Furminator deShedding tool is my all-time favorite dog brush. I’ve been using the Furminator for dogs since 2008… and it still looks and works like new! Here’s my review of the Furminator dog brush.

Tug-A-Jug Is A Multi-Sensory, Multi-Faceted Interactive Dog Treat Toy That’s Dog Mom Approved!

Does your dog like to play with water bottles or plastic 2-liter bottles?Mine does. Now there’s a REAL dog toy that is similar to a 2-liter bottle… but safer, and lots more fun for the dog. It’s called the Tug-A-Jug interactive toy for dogs. It a multi-sensory toy that dispenses treats as your dog plays with it.

Best Gifts For Dog Lovers: 30+ Dog Gifts For Dog Owners That I Use… And My Dogs Love!

Looking for the best dog gifts for yourself or a fellow dog lover? Here are 30+ clever gifts for dog owners. Helpful dog Christmas gifts they’ll really use! I know, because I’ve had dogs all my life, and I actually use every single one of these items and my dogs like ’em too.

A Comparison Of 12 Of The Best Long Lasting Dog Chews: Elk Antlers, Cow Hooves, Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews, Pressed Rawhide & More!

Wondering what the best long lasting dog chews are? Me too! So I did a big ‘ol experiment with my dogs to find the differences between all of the most popular dog chews. Antler dog chews rank way up there. So do real bones from the butcher… and cow hooves! See the entire list of 12 best dog chews that last the longest.