Fun Ways That The Average Person Can Benefit From Custom QR Codes Every Day

You can use a custom QR code to store an unlimited amount of data, photos, and videos in one place and share it with a unique audience. See my favorite ways to use QR codes for your pet’s ID tag, as well as your own luggage tags, custom business cards, your resume & cover letter, and house-for-sale flyers.


Best Reasons For RVers (Especially NEW RVers) To Try A Good Sam Club Membership

Jim and I have used our Good Sam Club membership card at lots of different RV campgrounds to save on camping costs AND at lots of different Camping World stores (and online) to save on RV parts and accessories. Those discounts alone have more than paid for our membership. Here’s why we think membership in the Good Sam Club is a good thing — especially for new RVers who are planning their first RV trips.


National Park vs. State Park: Differences Between The Two + Reasons To Visit A State Park Soon

Live near a state park? Consider yourself lucky! If you’re thinking that state parks are smaller (or less significant) than the 59 national parks in the U.S., think again. I love visiting state parks — and with over 10,000 of them across the U.S., there’s sure to be several near you. Find a state park (or national park) nearby, see why state parks are so amazing, and explore lists of the best state parks in America.

Best Reusable Shopping Bags & How You Can Save Money Simply By Using A Reusable Shopping Bag

How many reusable shopping bags do you have? Get in the habit of carrying your reusable bags to some of your favorite stores to receive discounts. Check out the latest information on how important reusable grocery bags really are. You’ll also find out where to find reusable bags and how to recycle your disposable plastic bags.