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Seated Liberty Dime Value: See How Much A Liberty Seated Dime (1837-1891) Is Worth + Tips For Collecting Rare Seated Liberty Dimes

Seated Liberty dimes were produced from 1837 to 1891. A number of rarities and low-mintage dates were created during the 54 years of the coin's production. Here are some little-known facts that collectors will find interesting about the Seated Liberty dime, the 5 major design varieties for this coin, a list of rare Liberty Seated dimes, and the current Seated Liberty dime value.

Roosevelt Dime Value Guide: See How Much Roosevelt Dimes (1946-Present) Are Worth, Including Rare Dimes

New Roosevelt dimes have been added to circulation every year since 1946. Some of these dimes are worth tens -- even hundreds -- of dollars. See which ones in this list, which includes rare Roosevelt dime values. Also, if you have any 2009 dimes, you might want to hold onto them -- because there's a good chance the 2009 Roosevelt dime will eventually become scarce (what is known as a key date coin).

Facts About Barber Coins (Nickels Thru Half Dollars From 1892 To 1916) & Liberty Head Nickels – See How Much They’re Worth

Charles E. Barber was a noted coin designer who gained widespread recognition for his depictions of Liberty on many of the coins. His Liberty Head designs for the dime, quarter and half dollar were so popular that they were usually called Barber coins rather than Liberty Head coins! However, the Barber nickel was usually called a Liberty Head nickel instead. Barber coins were struck from 1892 to 1916. See the value of Barber coins and Liberty Head nickels in this helpful Barber Coins Guide.