Skype Is Not Your Typical VoIP… It’s Much More Than An Internet Phone!

Have you ever placed a Skype call? If not, here are the ins and outs of using Skype to make Internet phone calls from your computer, rather than from a traditional phone. Everything you need to know about Skype Internet phone services and othe rfree alternatives. Plus, a few other great ways to use Skype daily!

Creative Uses For Old Computers: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Used Computer

Wondering what to do with old computers? Don’t throw them out! An old computer or old laptop can be repurposed. I’ve found lots of clever ways to make good use of an old, beat up, used computer — better than selling it, and will save you money as well!

What Is The Internet of Things? Answers To Your Questions About The Internet Of Things & Security

What is this Internet of Things, you ask? Basically it’s a fancy way of describing anything with an on/off switch that can also interact with the Internet. IoT devices can talk to each other, often without you even realizing it. Security is one of many IoT challenges – here’s how to stay safe.

Considering Smart Home Technology? Here’s What It’s Like Living In A House With A Smart Lighting System Installed (Pros & Cons)

A few years ago, I moved into a new house and installed a smart lighting system throughout as part of an extensive remodel. Here is my personal experience with smart lighting — the pros and cons of this smart home technology that makes the lights go on and off automatically on a schedule and whenever motion is sensed.

Blogging From Bed… Is There Such A Thing As Ergonomic Computing From Bed? All About Bedside Ergonomics & Computer Use

Ergonomics & computer use from bed go hand in hand these days. There are many ergonomic workstation ideas for your bedroom. Here’s what I’ve learned about working from bed — particularly, working on the computer from bed. If you’re doing it, you’re not alone. See which famous writers also worked from bed!