Scarce Coins vs. Rare Coins: What’s The Difference?

The terms “scarce” and “rare” can be confusing when understanding coin rarity. This article clears up the confusion between scarce U.S. coins vs. rare U.S. coins — with examples and coin rarity charts. Rare vs. scarce coins are explained in detail. You will see the major differences between rare U.S. coins and scarce U.S. coins – with examples and coin rarity charts.

Reasons To Collect Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins + The Value Of All 18 SBA Dollars Made In 1979, 1980, 1981, And 1999

Susan B. Anthony dollar coins were unpopular when they were first released, and they are still not widely collected coins. In fact, the Susan B. Anthony dollar is probably the least popular coin made in America. This makes collecting a complete set of the dollars quite easy and affordable! See other reasons to collect Susan B. Anthony dollars, the rarest Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, and the current value of Susan B. Anthony coins.

Coin Roll Hunting 101: Here’s My Experience Buying Bank Rolls Of Coins At Face Value And Finding Valuable Coins + A List Of Coins You’re Most Likely To Find In Coin Rolls

I like to buy rolls of coins from the bank, then see how many valuable coins I can find in each roll. It’s called coin roll hunting. (Yes it’s a thing.) Here are some of the coins I’ve obtained for face value – simply by buying bank rolls. Also, see which coins you should be looking for in bank rolls – by denomination. My most memorable coin roll hunting adventure was the time I spent $20 on 5 rolls of nickels and 1 roll of half-dollars. I ended up finding some great silver coins, plus several old coins worth much more than face value! What valuable coins have YOU found in bank rolls?

A Fun Way To Collect Coins From A Specific Year: Assemble A Birth Year Coin Set Or A Conception Year Coin Set!

A really fun idea is to assemble a Birth Year Coin Set or a Conception Year Coin Set. It’s a collection of coins that were struck during the year of one’s birth or the year of one’s conception. The idea is to pick out of pocket change an example of each coin you find that was struck the year you (or someone you love) was born — or conceived. This is a simple DIY project for all skill levels — whether you officially collect coins or not! Here are some clever ideas for making coin sets by year — including Birth Year Coin Sets and Conception Year Coin Sets.