DIY Baby Monitor Tutorial: See How To Use The Cloud Baby Monitor App To Make Your Own iPhone Baby Monitor For Less Than $4!

Looking for a DIY baby monitor or cheap iPhone baby monitor that isn’t too complex? Using the Cloud Baby Monitor app and 2 or more Apple devices is the easiest way to make a WiFi baby monitor yourself! See how to get the only baby monitor you’ll need for only $3.99 using Apple devices that you probably already have.

Baby Potty Training: A First Time Mom’s Experience Going Diaper Free At 13 Weeks – How Elimination Communication Works

Exploring baby potty training? Have you heard about Elimination Communication? It’s a simpler way to do baby potty training) which focuses on being diaper free at a younger age. We started when our little boy was 13 weeks old. With EC, the diaper is used as a “back-up” instead of a permanent, wearable toilet.

See Why I Chose Placenta Encapsulation After The Birth Of My Baby – The Benefits Of Eating Placenta

Here’s how and why I consumed my placenta (in the form of capsules, like supplements) after the birth of my son. Most of the benefits of eating placenta have to do with bonding with the infant and shrinking the uterus back to normal size. But I was mostly interested in the direct benefits in the recovery after birth.