Fun Ways That The Average Person Can Benefit From Custom QR Codes Every Day

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The QR code is a Quick Response Code. It’s similar to an old-fashioned barcode or UPC code in that it can store an unlimited amount of info within a symbol — and a quick scan of that symbol reveals a wealth of info that is helpful.

A QR code is better than a barcode or UPC because:

  1. It can be used by people like you and me (rather than just stores and manufacturers) to hold an unlimited amount of data, photos, and videos;
  2. It can be regularly updated to reflect timely and new info; and
  3. It is a quick way to get your contact info (or any other information that you want to share) into someone else’s smartphone or device.

how to use a qr code to add contact info to your phone

A custom QR code is an enhanced barcode that is readable by smartphones that have cameras as well as tablets, computers, and other QR scanners.


Ways To Use QR Codes For Your Business

It’s amazing how many unique ways that QR codes are being used these days!

First, before we get to all the fun uses for QR codes in everyday life, let’s look at some great examples.

Keep in mind, these are primarily geared toward marketers and small business owners:


How To Use Custom QR Codes For Your Personal Things

Now, my main intention of this post is to share some very simple tips for using QR codes in your everyday life.

Each of the links below shows you how to create your own custom QR code for a very specific purpose.

TIP: While some of the following links describe fun QR-coded stuff that you can buy — if you have your own blog or website (your own little space online), then you don’t necessarily have to buy anything to make the following ideas work for you. Just (1) follow these 4 steps to create custom QR codes using one of the 10 best free online QR code generators. Then, instead of using someone else’s “professional” space online to store and update the information associated with your custom QR codes, (2) store that information at your own personal online space! That said, some companies may actually provide cooler tags, cards, or products than you could create yourself — so at least you’ve got options.


Pet ID Tags

custom qr codes make owning a pet saferMicrochipping is the best way to ensure that your dog is returned if they become separated from you. A close second is to have an ID tag on your dog’s collar at all times.

The best way to maintain your personal info on your dog’s ID tag is to use a creative QR code on the dog tag!

There you can keep helpful info for pet sitters or someone who’s found your dog — such as your vet’s number, additional photos of your dog, your dog’s health record, and more.


Luggage Tags

qr code uses for marketingIf your luggage tags have a QR code, then any time you move or want to change your personal information you simply have to modify it online.

It’s a quick and easy way to maintain up-to-date luggage tags, office tags, and other ID tags.

Business Cards

how to use qr codesBusiness cards are going digital these days, and one of the trendiest ways to hop on board is to add a QR code to your business card.

You (and your business card) will stand out as being more modern — and less stuffy — than others. And, as everyone knows, first impressions go a long way!


House For Sale

custom qr codes used for house-for-saleUnlike the traditional Take-One property flier, a QR code provides buyers with an unlimited amount of information about your house, as well as photos.

Plus, potential buyers can easily return to that information later — in digital form — online via their cellphone.



how to use qr codes on a postingThis works best if you’re a creative type who is applying for a unique job position within an open-minded company.

If the organization tends to think outside-the-box, then a QR code resume would be ideal. It’s a great way to show your uniqueness!


Ready to get started?… Here’s a complete list of QR code generators, to create your own creative QR codes from scratch!

custom qr codes used on fliers