All The Best Of Everything For The Year 2007

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fimoculous-lists.jpgDo you like lists as much as I do?

I can’t tell you how many times I want to know “the best” or “the top” things in a particular category.

The following site is pretty amazing because it tracks all the best lists that appeared in 2007 — for virtually every topic under the sun… recently posted their mega list called Lists of 2007.

From the site:

“This page aggregates all of the 2007 lists.”

I, for one, eat this kind of stuff up. I mean, how often do you find yourself asking, “I wonder what the best [fill in the blank] is.” Or, “what were the top [fill in the blank] last year?”

I’m sure I’ll be referencing this list several times in the months to come. Plus, it gets better… At the very bottom are links to all the best lists for previous years — all the way back to 2001.

Check out the list of all lists for each year.

All the top lists in these categories are included. (Most have a dozen or more links per category, and the list continues to grow!)

  • advertising
  • architecture
  • art
  • automobile info
  • books
  • business matters
  • comics
  • dance stuff
  • design issues
  • DVD
  • fashion
  • education
  • film & movies
  • food & drink
  • gadgets
  • games
  • ideas in general
  • media
  • music (over 180 lists!)
  • online things
  • paranormal phenomenon
  • people
  • photos
  • sports
  • science matters
  • technology items
  • theater
  • toys
  • travel & vacation
  • tv-related stuff
  • videos
  • words
  • …and more!

P.S. If you know of other sites that also have good lists, please share in the Comments below. Thanks.

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